New Netherland Museum

We share and celebrate the historic contributions of New Netherland and connect diverse peoples to a common heritage, strengthening our communities and our futures. Beginning with the 1609 voyage of the Half Moon, New Netherland was part of a global Dutch mercantile initiative that included other Dutch settlements in South America, the Carribbean, Africa and Asia during the Golden Age of the Netherlands.

The NNM’s mission :

  • Encourage our communities to engage with our past and with our future
  • Explore the ethnically and religiously diverse inhabitant of New Netherland and their world wide connections.
  • Inspire appreciation for the foundational role of New Netherland in the creation of the values of American society beginning with the traders following the Half Moon voyage.
  • Provide appealing educational programs to advance understanding of the influence of New Netherland.
  • Connect the world today with the communities of New Netherland Today.
  • Promote the continuing connection between the Netherlands and New Netherland and examine our common heritage.

The New Netherland museum desires to place the Voyage of Discovery of the Half Moon not as an insular event with Northern Transatlantic focus. The museum ship Half Moon first functioned as ambassador of all things Dutch in America, and now has the opportunity to become an ambassador of the region once called New Netherland. By itself the original ship represents the full scale of Dutch maritime history in the 17th century as the original Half Moon contributed first in the core commodity trade all over Europe, then explored terra incognita in the Americas and finally participated in the luxury East Indies trade, all in the life span of one ship.  No better instrument to convey how round the 17th century Dutch world was, and how eventually a fur trader in Albany New York could drink Chinese tea out of Japanese cups, while his counterpart donned a fashionable top hat made of beaver pelt when walking through the streets of Amsterdam.