VOC-Room Hoorn

On 2 April, 2015 the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC), Chamber Hoorn was symbolically re-founded. The purpose of this Chamber is to support the exploitation of the Halve Maen. Just like the Dutch East Indies Company in 1602, the VOC Chamber Hoorn issues shares Halve Maen. Companies or individuals who are prepared for a minimum of € 25,000 to take shares in the ship may call themselves Administrator of the Chamber. Companies or individuals who for at least € 5,000 take shares in the ship, get the title of Commissioner.

HalveMaen-LeentjeLinders-497x700Individual shares
For smaller amount it is possible also to participate in the project Halve Maen. A single share will cost € 50. Every year, 500 shares are sold. For 2015 there are no more shares available.

There will be no payment of dividend on the shares. The dividend is a grant of priority in the visit and/or use of the Halve Maen. As your share is larger you will also get a higher degree of priority.

Specially designed share
Each shareholder gets a share, designed by artist Leentje Linders, as a souvenir. This share is also for sale in a limited edition as original artwork. Format: 65 x 50 cm HR, cost: € 450 (unframed).
For information call 0031 (0) 229 – 28 00 28 or send a mail to info@wfm.nl

More information
For information about the sponsor packages please contact Ad Geerdink, Director of the Westfries Museum, a.geerdink@wfm.nl.